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Required drink after the end of the month excitement. #faceplant via Instagram http://ift.tt/29jLWgf

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Last day of June ... and I need a sweater in the morning. I prefer this morning chill to meltingly hot temperatures though. #morningwalk #mymindfulyear via Instagram http://ift.tt/296HVeK

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choose to shine. #morningwalk #mymindfulyear via Instagram http://ift.tt/29bJZpa

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somewhat cooler this morning which is a relief. #morningwalk #mymindfulyear via Instagram http://ift.tt/28XvSO9

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crazy beautiful weather at lunch. via Instagram http://ift.tt/28YU47X

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connections. actually saw other people out walking this morning & hello-ed at them! #morningwalk #mymindfulyear via Instagram http://ift.tt/2946RH4